An overview of ElsaTech and its goals

ElsaTech is a dynamic and knowledge-based group, consisting of civil and architectural engineers, programmers and planners, experts in their field, ready to provide the highest quality services to you, dear employers, contractors and consultants.

The most important service of this collection is providing plugins that help you do your work in AutoCAD environment with high speed, accuracy and quality.

Al-Satak’s goal and mission is to create an effective tool to improve the outcome of your loved ones, to enjoy your work and increase your income level.

Another goal of this company is to train people who intend to enter the labor market. We hope that our training will be an effective step for the future creators of this region.


High speed

Increase the exemplary speed up to 100 times compared to normal


Covers a wide range of engineering disciplines

Economical and valuable

High economic savings in terms of time and manpower

Support and training

We always answer the questions and needs of our valued customers

ElsaTech support and update completely free, error-free and one-click drawing, full compatibility with AutoCAD, the ability to customize layering and …



Draw all shapes of reinforcement

Numbering of reinforcements

Listofer table

Excel output


Vessel Foundation

Formwork drawing


Provide a Listofer table

Provide MTO table

Free Tools

Free Tools

Drawing of steel sections

Draw Grid Lines

Drawing the elevation code

Smart text

Years of activity
Number of projects
Number of satisfied customers
Number of customer tickets

ElsaTech, the most useful AutoCAD and Excel supplement programs

In European countries, AutoCAD programming is very popular. In our country, due to the lack or lack of experts in this field, not much attention is paid to this issue, but fortunately, thanks to cyberspace, the number of enthusiasts and customers of this type of programming is increasing. It is located a lot.

ElsaTech is a collection of professional software for easy execution of projects in AutoCAD software.

All ElsaTech products have a simple user interface, guide, classic menu and ribbons that you can use even with the slightest knowledge of AutoCAD.

Our support and sales team has engineers with years of experience in intelligent design and drawing.

Our ability to design utilities85%
Our power in producing the highest quality drawings80%
online support100%

Meet the ElsaTech team

ElsaTech team is ready for your own designs.

AmirHossein Kheradjou

Member of the Board

Specialization in technical, engineering, drawing, industrial work, and Visual Lisp programming language

Arasto Ghplami


Specializing in computing, engineering, design and execution as well as specializing in programming languages.

Arash Kheder

Managing Director

Study and research, ideator, up-to-date, highly intelligent, self-reliant and committed to doing the right thing.

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